Line 6 Variax Review

The Line 6 Variax comes with multiple core strengths that make the guitar a fine specimen of modern guitars that can play any tune. Not all professionals will like the guitar, because the Line 6 Variax comes with a design and build quality that is not traditionalist. It does not remind anyone of the past of the music industry, and perhaps that is its biggest con. Still, we enjoyed playing the guitar because it looks cool nevertheless. This is a Line 6 Variax review that further becomes a Line 6 Variax Standard review so that you don’t have to go to different places to compare the two.

Anyway, back to the topic now.

The Line 6 Variax is a guitar that can be played with many different styles. Variax has tried to add a lot of customization options to the point it all becomes increasingly difficult to work with if you want to use the full potential of the guitar. But say you just want to play solo or for a light audience – you just plug in your guitar amp and play it on – the look is cool, the sound is great, and the play style is only limited by the extent of what magic your fingers are capable of creating.

line 6 variax review

Final verdict and weaknesses

Overall, the Variax has shipped to many professional artists and studios so far. We had the chance of seeing the model on multiple occasions,

which helped us write the review as the feedback we got was really meaningful and added on our own observations. The basic consensus is that there are no flaws that glare right into your eyes. There is no problem with the guitar. It has been created by the artisans at Yamaha, and that says something. This is a decent guitar to play, in the general opinion. Nothing too striking and nothing that might cause a problem later on.

Now for the weaknesses of the Line 6 Variax. The model is pretty entry-level. It is really good for beginners and not for professionals. But beginners might not want to shell so much unless they need some style and an expertly crafted guitar (which adds very little to the quality of the output you can produce).

Line 6 Variax Standard review: How is it better than the Line 6 Variax?

line 6 variax standard review

The Line 6 Variax Standard is easily better than the Variax. It has been changed a little bit but the impact is huge. We didn’t get the chance to get public intelligence on this one, there were few models in circulation around our area, unfortunately. But there is one observation we would like to underline here now that we are talking about the quality of the guitar. Any good Line 6 Variax review talks of the Standard. And any good Line 6 Variax Standard review talks about how the Standard is better than the normal one.

The Line 6 Variax Standard is an absolute steal at the price. It plays so nice that professional artists will be able to play really great compositions as if they were playing a high end electric guitar. The build quality was surprising good. We never expected the build quality to be so good, and we are putting special emphasis on this for the same reason.

Besides the build quality, the other major improvement is the overall look and feel of the Standard. The Line 6 Variax Standard really steals the show.

Which one do you need?

So, the final question is, which one do you need? After all, it all depends on you. In many scenarios that we can imagine, the Line 6 Variax Standard is undoubtedly better than the Line 6 Variax but there are also circumstances where the Line 6 Variax might be better for you. How? Let’s find out.

If you are a beginner then you don’t really need the build quality. We are not saying that you won’t be able to appreciate the build quality. We just mean that a good build quality is not that much required at a beginning or a semi-professional level, especially if it adds on the cost.

Further, read a Line 6 Variax review and then a Line 6 Variax Standard review to find out which one do you need.

Who needs the Line 6 Variax or the Line 6 Variax Standard?

The Line 6 Variax and the Line 6 Variax Standard is not an electric guitar for everyone. The first kind of guitarists that we safely exclude from the list of potential lovers of these models are people who have an addiction to “vintage” guitars. Most of them are professionals and guitarists for bands.

Basically, beginners, beginners who want to shape their career in the music field, and semi-professionals are the best sort of people who can make good use of these Line 6 models and who would be able to appreciate the true spirit that these guitars are made to reflect: modern music, customizing capability, and a good music output for a patient audience.

If you are a seasoned guitarist then chances are that you already have a set of favorite guitars. Or at least brands and a particular price range in those brands. You can nevertheless try out the Line 6 Variax. We would like to stress on the Line 6 Variax Standard, but as it suits you because not everyone wants to spend a lot into trying out a new guitar.

Wrapping up

So, we have covered a lot of details about the Line 6 Variax and the Line 6 Variax Standard. You can only figure out the true details by playing the guitars. Also, don’t forget the importance of a guitar amp if you are on your journey to become a band guitarist.

Usually there are two kinds of guitar amplifiers: the combos and the head units. The head unit is just an amplifier, but a combo includes both an amplifier unit as well as a speaker to output the amplified (or modeled) sound. Needless to say, you are going to need a speaker if you go with an amp head unit. Professional guitarists still prefer these head units. It is because they are a standalone equipment that give the users the ability to output the sound through any other speaker. (As long as the resistance and wattage ratings are matched, otherwise the speaker will most probably get damaged.)