Line 6 G70 Review

The Line 6 G70 is a high end wireless guitar system that utilizes many advanced features. A wireless guitar system is basically a means to get rid of the cables running to and from the guitar and the amps. In other words, the Line 6 G70 simplifies the whole business on stage. In this Line 6 G70 review, you will find all that you need to know about.

line 6 g70 review

Line 6 G30 “Quality Intro Wireless System” Line 6 G50 “Great All-Around Wireless System” Line 6 G70 “Professional Wireless System”
List Price $175.10 $270.00 $423.02
Manufacturer Line 6 Line 6 Line 6

Are wireless guitar systems the new showstoppers?

Yes and no. Wireless guitar systems like the Line 6 G70 are surely powerful and effective. A lot of musicians use them extensively. But at the same time, there is not much enthusiasm about wireless guitar systems. For once, there was a spike in their popularity but now it seems like artists feel at ease with the cables.

And why should they not? They have been accustomed to cables all this while. But if you are a modern guitarist, you can surely see how a wireless guitar system like the high-end Line 6 G70 is the new showstopper.

Who is the Line 6 G70 good for?

The Line 6 G70 is good for artists and musicians who want more simplicity in their life than the cables. Once you get rid of the cables from your performance, you will find that your life has become easier over a short span of time.

No more poor wire management, electrical problems, mishaps, and so on. The same sound quality delivered, just without any wires and cables.

Extending your G70: an amp is necessary

That was it for the Line 6 G70 review. Now a bit of add-on information that will be equally crucial for you.

Usually guitar amplifiers can come off for very cheap. There are also versions made for added portability and battery backup. In full frankness, those are a waste of money unless you really need an amp and you don’t have a decent amount of money. A decent guitar amplifier comes for around $150 to $300. A really good quality one comes for even more. If you are a beginner or intermediate level guitarist, you should invest at least $200 into a guitar amp.

Your guitar alone can’t cut it, as you would soon learn if you haven’t already. There are many respected brands that make good quality, well acclaimed, and widely used amplifiers, like Marshall and Fender. Blackstar, Bugera, Sawtooth, Orange, and so on are some other brands. But out favorite brand is Line 6. So if you are buying a Line 6 G70, then you should go with a Line 6 amp as well.

Why do you need a guitar amp with your G70?

Does a guitar amplifier crank your sound up? No. It is not for adding those decibels in your output. That is what a speaker is for. An amplifier enriches your output. It adds the sound (through a speaker — either combined or bought separately), but the main purpose is to model the electric guitar output. By modeling, here we mean tuning up the sound to make it more appealing and presentable. Of course, you are not going to do solos in 150 sq. ft. living rooms if you want to be a professional. A professional usually plays a guitar in a band – and with the vocalist, drummer, and other instrument players cranking open their juices – you need your electric guitar to be heard.

That starts with an amplifier. Some would argue that the most important part is still the speaker but it is not. Without the amplifier, the sound can’t come out as it should on stages and in concerts. And an amp becomes all the more important in the case of rock (and to some degree, pop as well). Imaging metal or rock without an amp is like imagining life without the earth itself. A metal song doesn’t need an electric guitar – it needs an overdriven sound from an electric guitar, which is impossible without an amp between the guitar and the speaker.