Line 6 G50 Review

The Line 6 G50 is a wireless guitar system that transmits the audio signal directly to a guitar amplifier. This gets rid of all the cables in between. You might be hard pressed to find a good Line 6 G50 review on the internet because most of them are sponsored. You have come to the right place.

line 6 g50 review

Do you need a wireless guitar system?

Not everyone needs a wireless guitar system like the Line 6 G50. First of all, you might be okay with cables. Or there just might not be a lot of cables to overwhelm you or get in your way because of good organization in your performances. But at the same time, it is also true that once you have tasted the wireless, you will love the cleanliness and simplicity of the same audio quality but without tons of cables.

Also, if you go to a lot of concerts where the management on the stage is very poor, then a wireless guitar system will easy your life manifold. Many teen sensations and pop artists use products like the Line 6 G50 because they like how things suddenly become clutter-free and help them focus on their performance more than on the equipment and worse, managing the equipment in the middle of the performance, whether they be live shows or planned concerts.

So, even if you have decided on buying a G50, know that there is still more to it. That is why we have written this Line 6 G50 review, after all. So go through the entire piece and then take your decision.

Line 6 G30 “Quality Intro Wireless System” Line 6 G50 “Great All-Around Wireless System” Line 6 G70 ” Professional Wireless System”
List Price $175.10 $270.00 $423.02
Manufacturer Line 6 Line 6 Line 6

Should you buy the Line 6 G50?

The Line 6 G50 is indeed a good option. If you want a wireless guitar system, this is the moderate kind of product that you can get. It falls between the Line 6 G70 and the G30. The 70 comes with features you might not need while still offering the range of G50. The G30 offers smaller range and lesser functionality, thus making G50 the best pick if you need a wireless guitar system.

Wrapping up

We hope this Line 6 G50 review helped you. There is one more thing, if you don’t have an amp, buying a G50 would be useless.

And further, an amplifier can’t work without a speaker, so there is a significant choice that you need to make — do you go for a combo guitar amplifier or a head unit and purchase a separate speaker? There are benefits and shortcomings of both. Let’s get them over with in a couple quick paragraphs because beginners need to know this stuff.

A guitar amp combo will come for cheaper, will be more portable, and will be smaller in size even for professional concert kind of performance delivery. It will be, however, not up to the mark when it comes to professional electric guitar music. Most of the combo models lack tubes (or vacuum tubes or valves). Although the vacuum tubes have their own problems (they are not reliable, think vacuum tubes in old computer systems vs. today’s transistors), they are still considered more upmarket and necessary for the premium feel (as most professional guitarists believe). These vacuum tubes give off a richer effect. And that takes us to guitar amp head units. A head unit is just the amplifier. Here, the amplifier is bigger than the amplifier part in a combo in most of the cases.

Mostly, a head unit comes with these vacuum tubes. These amplifiers become costlier because you need to buy a powerful speaker anyway separately. This also makes them harder to move, store, and manage, especially in concerts where things can get ugly backstage or in the planning stage itself. Head units are not recommended for beginners for obvious reasons. You can go for a combo box and think of buying a head unit much later when you are on your way to showing off your talents in concerts. At that moment, you will truly feel the necessity and you will require it naturally and not because some professional guitarist preferred it that way.