Line 6 G30 Review

The Line 6 G30 is an entry level wireless guitar system that is used to transmit the sound signals from the electric guitar to the guitar amp or preamp without using any cables. What this does is effectively manage the space as well as take care of on-stage mishaps. The sound quality and loudness remain the same. This is an honest Line 6 G30 review and here you will find all that you need to know about it.

Line 6 G30 “Quality Intro Wireless System” Line 6 G50 “Great All-Around Wireless System” Line 6 G70 ” Professional Wireless System”
List Price $175.10 $270.00 $423.02
Manufacturer Line 6 Line 6 Line 6

How does a wireless guitar system work?

A wireless guitar system basically transmits signals as waves directly to the amp or any other devices that the signal needs to be sent to. The medium is different, rest everything is traditional. For example, an electric guitar directly feeds its output to a guitar amplifier. With the help of a wireless guitar system like the Line 6 G30, the same thing happens. The medium is what changes. It used to be cables, now through the wireless system, it’s no more cables.

You will find tons of online portals where they have many Line 6 G30 review pieces. There you will be able to easily tell how does a wireless guitar system like this works.

Line 6 Relay series

line 6 g30 review

The Line 6 Relay series has a lot of models that facilitate high-end and reliable wireless guitar system environment. They are all tested in concerts, live performances, and shows of differing budgets and audience counts. Here is a quick comparison between three of the breakpoint and bestselling models that Line 6 makes.

The Line 6 G70 supports connectivity of up to 200-feet. It is a compact stomp system. It can handle up to 16 channels and has an LED display on the transmitter screen.

The second breakpoint is the Line 6 G50. This one also has a range of 200-feet, but it comes in a compact stompbox format and can only support up to 12 channels (which is good in itself). Offers an LCD screen on the transmitter.

This one is the entry-level one. The Line 6 G30 has a 100-feet range (enough for most situations) and can support up to six channels. The Line 6 G30 has LED indicators to show the status of connectivity and devices, etc. instead of a screen. This is what a beginner should start with, in case he or she needs a wireless guitar system. Read a good Line 6 G30 review on the retailer’s website before you buy it, because some retailers ship only to certain locations.

Overall, if you don’t want to invest a ton but still could use a wireless system, the Line 6 G30 is what you should go with.

Wrapping up

Using a guitar without an amplifier is not really professional or even the way a guitar is meant to be used when you are playing for an audience or for money. An amplifier doesn’t just “amplify” the sound as in adding decibels on top of your guitar’s base volume. An amplifier does something much bigger than that: it adds quality in the sound that can be made heard to others. Without an amp, you are playing for 5 or 6 people at most, in your leisure time. But if you want to get serious about it then you will find that a guitar amplifier is necessary. Without an amp, the sound will be very homely and, to be honest, cheap. That is not real guitar music.

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